International Code Council Continuing Education Course number: 17399 (2015 IPC, IMC & IFGC) Code Update Selected Sections Review .6 CEUs (6 Contact Hour) course Title image

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Course Description and Learning Objectives:


This course is ideal for the Code official as well as all stakeholders in the design build and inspection of plumbing, mechanical and fuel gas systems as updated in the 2015 codes. Upon completion the student will have gained the knowledge to facilitate the insure compliance of the 2015 IMC, IPC, & IFGC.

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.6 CEUs (6 Contact  Hours)  IPC, IMC & IFGC 2015 Code Update Selected Sections Review 

 Package (Fire) International Code Council Continuing Education Course #17399 

Course Outline:

2015 International Plumbing Code
Section 305 Protection of Pipes and Plumbing System Components
Section 306 Trenching, Excavation and Backfill
Section 312 Tests and Inspections
Section 604 Design of Building
Section 608 Projection of Potable Water Supply
Section 705 Joists
Section 708 Cleanouts
Section 903 Vent Terminals
Section 1003 Interceptors and Separators

2015 International Mechanical Code
Section 302 Protection of Structure
Section 303 Equipment & Application Location
Section 304 Installation
Section 306 Access & Service Space
Section 307 Condensate Disposal
Section 308 Clearance Reduction
Section 309 Temperature Control
Section 607 Duct & Transfer openings
Section 1101 Refrigeration General
Section 1105 Machine Room, General Requirements
Section 1106 Machine Room, Special Requirements
Section 1107 Refrigerant Piping 

2015 International Fuel Gas Code
Section 304 Combustion, Ventilation and Dilution Air
Section 307 Condensate Disposal
Section 310 Electrical Bonding
Section 404 Piping System Installation
Section 406 Inspection, Testing and Purging
Section 410 Flow Controls
Section 411 Appliance and Manufactured Home Connections
Section 503 Venting Of Appliances
Section 614 Clothes Dryer Exhaust
Section 703 General Gaseous Hydrogen Systems